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Music News

It has been a busy few weeks for music!

We had a fantastic time at the Singing Festival last week! After weeks of rehearsals, note learning, memorising words, adding characterisation, applying actions and designing t-shirts, we finally made it to the performance day. We were one of many schools who took part at the concert in the Rose Theatre. The theme for the Festival this year was ‘Don’t Hold Back’. We learnt four ‘Big Songs’ which all schools performed together, and then shared two songs with our two partner schools that we worked more closely with. Our ‘Partner Songs’ were ‘I Need a Hero’ by Bonnie Tyler and ‘It’s Okay’ by Nightbirde. The children were very excited to finally wear their t-shirts which we had decorated in school.

After an early school lunch and a bus trip, the afternoon began with a rehearsal on stage during which we practised our two ‘Partner Songs’ with a live band! After the other schools had their rehearsal slots, we all came together to run through the four remaining songs. These were also accompanied by the band. It was an amazing space to rehearse in. The rehearsal made it seem all the more real and it was the first time the children had heard all the song parts live. 

Once the rehearsal was finished, the audience started to arrive and take their seats. The atmosphere was incredibly powerful and the energy levels were lifted. We were lucky to hear the other schools perform their ‘Partner Songs’ and we heard such a variety of songs and styles with many schools also using costumes/t-shirts and props. Our moment came for us to take to the stage to perform our two songs. The children arrived on the stage with great enthusiasm and professionalism and delivered the meaning of the songs with such sincerity and vibrance. I was so proud of their performance. It was a brilliant learning experience for the children to be a part of a concert journey - from commencing rehearsals with new songs, to attending regional rehearsals and morning rehearsals in school, and finally the end point when all the hard work and commitment comes together in the final performance. It is such a joy to see so many children singing together. It takes great courage and bravery to sing in front of others and the children should be so proud of what they have achieved.

In other Music news, we had a super Spring Concert in the small hall on Tuesday evening. Well done to all the children who performed! Thank you to the PTA, RMT tutors and school staff who helped to make it a success.