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Reception News

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Week beginning 6th March 2023

This week, the children have been busy learning and practising their number bonds to ten. We have used ten frames, Numberblocks stories, Numicon shapes, rainbows etc to practise finding two numbers that make ten. We have even been writing number sentences using + and = to show our number bond knowledge!

Reception JA – 15-16 | The Ridgeway Primary, Reading | Page 10

We have continued our topic of real life superheroes this week, and the children were fascinated to learn about a real life superhero from the past - Mary Fields - who was the first black postwoman in America. The children couldn't believe that she had to use a horse and cart to deliver the post! We created a giant postbox and wrote letters and messages to each other. 

We were also very lucky to have another visitor tell us about their important job. Mr Parker, who is an optician, came in to talk to us about how he helps people look after their eyes. 


We have read these new books this week: 

A Superhero Like You : Singh, Dr. Ranj, Darcy, Liam: Books  A Superpower Like Mine, Singh, Dr. Ranj, Used; Good Book 1444965069 | eBay

Key Messages

Red Nose Day: On Friday 17th March, the children can come to school dressed in their own clothes for Red Nose Day.

Creative Arts Week: This week will end with our whole school art exhibition on Friday 24th March. Reception families can visit the art exhibition between 2.30pm - 3.15pm. 

£1-2 Donation: Next Friday, the children will be making their own salads by choosing the vegetables that they would like to use, chopping them up and tasting them! We would really appreciate it if you could donate £1-2 towards this activity. You can pass it to the class teachers at drop off or pick up. 

Super Vegetable: We will be reading lots about Supertato and his super veggie friends next week. Please can your child bring a whole piece of fruit or vegetable into school for them to turn into a superhero!