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Reception News

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In Reception this week, we have been learning about Carnival in preparation for our Carnival Day next week! We learnt that people celebrate Carnival by dressing in colourful costumes, wearing tall headdresses and dancing through the streets in a parade. We thought about what our headdresses might look like; we drew designs and wrote about them. We are looking forward to making them and wearing them next week. 

In maths, our learning has been focused on combining 2 groups of objects using the part whole model. Amazingly, we have even begun to write number sentences! We have also thought about measuring and comparing height and length, which uses lots of language - long, short, tall, longer, shorter, taller, longest, shortest, tallest.  

This week's science experiment was all about jelly! We observed that it started off as a solid cube of jelly, then the hot water changed it to a liquid, then the coolness of the fridge turned it back into a solid! Maybe you could try this experiment at home...

This week, we have been reading:

 Coming to England: An Inspiring True Story Celebrating the Windrush  Generation : Benjamin, Baroness Floella, Ewen, Diane: BooksTo Carnival! A Celebration in Saint Lucia | Barefoot Books - Little Linguist

Key Messages: 

Carnival Day: As part of our topic learning, we are having a special Carnival Day on Friday 10th February. On this day, the children can come into dressed in bright, colourful clothing. We will be making headdresses and instruments, learning a calypso dance, tasting fruit from Trinidad and Tobago and finishing with a carnival parade! 

Family Story Time Session: The Reception teachers would like to invite parents and carers to join their child's end of the day story time on Tuesday 7th February! Come to the classroom door at by 2.50pm, and you can sit and enjoy the class story time with your child. Please note that the main school gates will open for a 10-minute window from 2.40-2.50pm on this day for you to enter the school site.

Junk Modelling: We are running out of junk for modelling. Please can you send in your rubbish - cardboard boxes, egg boxes, milk bottles, kitchen rolls, yoghurt pots etc! Ensure that the containers are clean and did not contain nuts.