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Come and find out what UKS2 have been up to this week!

Year 5 

After learning about the culture, food and landscape of Southern Asia, we explored the Bengali fairytale that has influenced our artwork this week - Grandma and the Great Gourd. The story of a grandmother who wishes to visit her daughter on the other side of the jungle encounters some nasty animals along the way who want to eat her! She manages to dissuade them on her way through the jungle but on the way back she comes up with a cunning plan! See if you can guess what the plan was? 

Our trip to The Globe was timed in a great week! It linked to the art of drama and theatre, and we loved exploring the building and listening about its history. We were even able to watch some of the actors rehearse for The Tempest, their next play. Thank you to all our parent helpers who supported our wonderful trip Tuesday! We had a fantastic day! 

We also were fortunate to have a question and answer session with the artist who inspired our work - Tracey English. She spoke to us about what materials and techniques she uses to create textured papers for a collage. Tracey also showed us some examples of her work and answered some questions that we had created. First we created the textured papers using a mix of watercolour and poster paint, glue lids, pipe cleaners, glue spreaders and trying to use our paintbrushes in lots of ways. We had to think carefully about what textures would be used for the different elements of our collage. Our next step was then to cut the pieces out and lay them on our squares to create a picture of a landscape and a building. We enjoyed deciding where to place our pieces to give the best effects

Key Messages

  • Key vocab:  legacy, unify, separate, evaporation, perimeter and area 

  • Spelling rule: words ending in ‘ise’ 

  • KIRFs: fractions/decimals/percentage equivalents

Year 6

It has been an unusual week in Year 6.  We have been practising for our SATS next term and are looking forward to seeing what progress we have made. There have been a lot of sporting fixtures this week - rugby, football (girls and boys) and netball and the teams have proudly represented the school. We have really enjoyed Creative Arts week - designing and making Pandora’s boxes including the contents -  and we are looking forward to exhibiting our work at the end of the week.  We sang and performed a song about Hansel and Gretel with some opera singers who came to inspire the future generation. We are continuing to learn about percentages in maths, we are improving our grammar in English, and we will be learning about the Blitz in history this week.  Today, we were lucky to have a former pupil who is now in Year 10 to tell us all about life at secondary school.

Key Messages

  • Please complete the medical form for Osmington Bay sent on Ping 

  • We hope to see you at the E-safety talk with Peter Cowley on Monday at 9am - this will be a very useful session for all parents, carers and children

  • We will be making burgers next week in DT and children will be asked to bring in some extra ingredients.

  • Key vocab: possession, perspective, tableau

  • Spelling rule: words with ie and ei

  • KIRFs: square numbers and square roots