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UKS2 News

Come and find out what UKS2 have been up to!

Year 5 

Into the final week of term, it just doesn’t stop in Year 5! This week we finished off our playscripts for The Tempest remembering to put every new character speaking on a new line and to add adverbs to our stage directions. In Maths we started a new topic of statistics and explored how to plot and interpret data for line graphs, tables and timetables. We concluded our topic of Materials in Science for the Spring term by looking at the irreversible change of rusting where we watched a steel wool scourer rust in vinegar. We then looked at how adding two materials together can create another such as bicarbonate of soda and vinegar creating carbon dioxide, In RE this week we looked at The Veda’s and in DT we worked together to build suspension bridges. Finally, History and the topic of Ancient Greeks came to an end by us researching the legacies the Greeks left behind such as theatre, democracy, marathons and of course The Olympics! We are looking forward to seeing everyone after a restful and relaxing Easter break. 

Key Messages

  • Key vocab: legacy, rust, interpret, vedas, suspension (bridge)

  • Spellings: -ify words

  • KIRFs: fractions/decimals/percentage equivalents. 

  • After half term, friction pens are not permitted during lesson time. This is in line with our no rubber rule. It is important that children embrace their mistakes (which also guide teacher support). 

  • An exciting trip was emailed home to parents earlier this week- please get in touch with Miss Reilly if you have amy questions.

Year 6

This week in Year 6, a safeguarding instructor came into our school and talked to us about how to be safe online and outside of school. We have done some cooking and created our own burgers with different toppings and sauces. We also created our own burger boxes to take our burgers home in. In English, we are planning a ‘lost chapter’ for ‘The Explorer’ by Katherine Rundell to write after the holidays. In PSHE, we have been talking about emotional well-being and what we can do to look after our mental health as well as our physical health. In Science, we have learnt about how Isaac Newton proved that light is made up of all the colours of the rainbow (the visible spectrum) and carried out an investigation into shadows using a shadow puppet and a torch. We have also started to talk a lot more about plans for Osmington Bay and have submitted designs for a t-shirt that will be printed for everyone.

Key Messages

  • Please complete the medical form for Osmington Bay sent on Ping 

  • The Osmington Bay slides sent on 10 May newsletter and attached again here have lots of information about the trip

  • Key vocab: well-being, spectrum, audible

  • Spelling rule: endings - able and - ible 

  • KIRFs: square numbers and square roots