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UKS2 News

Come and find out what UKS2 have been up to this week.

Year 5

In PE, we have been learning how to kick/strike a ball in between goals. In this week's indoor PE lesson, we have been learning how to follow the music to the beat- fast and slow. If it is slow you have to act slow. If it is fast you have to act fast and be quick. In Maths, we went outside and made a number line to help us round numbers. We used place value charts to solve questions and challenges. Resources can really help us with our learning. In English, we learnt about the difference between opinions and facts for example, ‘Dogs are cute’ that is an opinion whereas, ‘The first world cup that England won was in 1966’ is a fact. We then wrote paragraphs about facts and opinions in our English books to support our persuasive writing.  In music, we learned the Cupid Shuffle. It took a long time but was definitely worth it. We have also been listening to country music and used claves to copy beats from a piano.
By Joseph and Remy, Starlite.

Year 6

This week in Year 6 the children have started to become ‘Lady Macbeth’ in English  and are planning their response to a letter written by Macbeth. The letter from Macbeth explains the battle, the witches and their prophecies for Macbeth. The children have been thinking about what Lady Macbeth would feel and how she would respond to her valiant husband. During maths, the children have impressed us with their knowledge of prime, square and cube numbers as well as their ability to multiply four digit by two digit numbers. Teachers were really impressed with how well children completed their homework especially as it was the first week - well done. Science has been a real favourite this week, in preparation for the Year 6 class assemblies next week. In groups, Year 6 have been creating their own animal, based on a biome. Creative information posters and some 3D models have been created for you to see and learn about next week! 

Key Messages

  • Key vocab: Long division, ruthless, Maslow’s triangle, deforestation, subjunctive form and subordinating clauses. 

  • KIRFs: Can I recall prime numbers up to 100? 

  • Homework/spelling will be assessed every Monday morning. 

  • Thank you to all  families for supporting our new reading records. Your support has not gone unnoticed.  

  • If you child is attending a secondary school open day or exam, please email the office with confirmation of this.