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UKS2 News

Come and find out what UKS2 have been up to!

Year 5

This was a week with a difference from the off: the children enjoyed an immersive and informative session in the Space Dome as the final lesson of their topic. They were able to showcase their impressive knowledge and enjoyed finding out practical tips about getting the most from observing our night skies. Do ask them about what they learned! Our first lesson for our DT learning, Building Bridges, shone a light on prospective architects and engineers as the children worked to test a variety of shaped beams for their load-holding capability. Well done to all who put themselves forward for a place on the school council - and congratulations to the two children who were elected per class. Congratulations also to our newly-appointed Kindness Ambassadors: the world needs you! English learning has seen the children demonstrate their control with some ‘show don’t tell’ descriptive writing based on Beowulf, in its excellent translation by Michael Morpurgo. In maths, we have been enjoying finding factor pairs and common multiples. The first forces lesson in science saw the children testing out and using toy cars to see which surfaces had the most and the least friction. Well done to Peridot, who did theirs under the watchful scrutiny of a classroom visit!

Key Messages

  • Key vocab: hero, Thane, gesture, common multiple, forces, directions (French)

  • KIRFS: halving and doubling numbers to 100


Year 6

The children have really shown off how amazing they are to us and our school visitors this week. They have worked really hard, been flexible with changes to the usual timetable and demonstrated excellent behaviour for learning - well done, you have made us all very proud! In English, we have been continuing to link our learning to Shakespeare's Macbeth by writing news reports about the death of King Duncan. They have mastered the correct register and language required and have included direct and indirect speech with witness statements. We have begun our topic on fractions in maths, looking at equivalent fractions and applying our knowledge of multiples and factors. In history, we looked at what Hitler’s plans were to invade Britain during the Second World War and learned about ‘Operation Sea Lion’. We worked collaboratively to order the events of the operation and write up a report of what Germany’s plan was. In PSHE, we have learned about the Equality Act, protected characteristics and the importance of treating people fairly regardless of their differences. In RE, we are learning about what makes a church and in science we have been designing diets for specific individuals such as professional athletes considering what their nutritional needs would be.

Key Messages

  • Key vocab: circulatory system, exercise, imbalance, power dynamics, mixed numbers

  • KIRFs: common factors

  • Please make sure the children are bringing healthy snacks for breaktime. 

  • Reading diaries will be checked on Monday