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UKS2 News

Come and find out what UKS2 have been up to!

Year 5

The year group have had a strong second week and made great progress with our new maths topic of multiplication. Building on their times tables knowledge, we have progressed to multiplying a four digit number by at two digit number and graduated from using the box method to the column method. Ask for a demonstration this weekend! 

We have been hooked on our Alcatraz English and reading topic and will be sorry to part from our criminal friends at the end of the week. In Science, we have been thinking about what properties of materials make them suitable for the jobs that they need to do. Over coming weeks, children will be thinking about what are suitable materials for food packaging as well as cleaning items. Please share and discuss any examples you have readily available. 

Weaving has proven to be a mindful as well as creative activity that has been very enthusiastically received across the cohort, sometimes even against children’s initial expectations. Many have produced eye catching results on their very first attempt. Well done to everyone for their creativity and for embracing a new crafting opportunity!

Key Messages:

  • In Science, Year 5 have been thinking about conductivity, using the key terms conduction, insulation and molecules. 

  • English learning has been about instructional texts, so please share with your child examples of recipes, IKEA flat-pack assembly instruction etc that demonstrate its real world application. 

  • On rainy days, please consider sending your child into school with spare footwear/socks. 

  • A reminder that all pencil cases should be able to fit into a tray. If your child’s is too large, please consider getting a smaller one. 

Year 6

In English we have been defending Macbeth in a courtroom. We have used detective skills and used evidence to blame someone else. During science we have been learning about the dangers of electricity and created posted giving examples of what not to do. This week in maths we have been doing Mock SATs from 2018. In these Mock SATs we had three papers (arithmetic, reasoning one and reasoning two). These Mock SATS are helping us prepare for our actually SATs that happen in May. Our P.E lesson with Miss Foster was enjoyable as ever and we completed a circuit which consisted of: table tennis, skittles, cups and marbles. During PSHE we have been thinking about our dreams and goals and we made little paper air balloons. On the balloons was the one goal we wanted to achieve and we wrote three steps on how to achieve it. 

Athena, Cemre and Maria

Key Messages

  • Please pay for our trip to The Globe tour on PAY360 as soon as possible.

  • In preparation of our trip it may be beneficial for your child to read adapted Shakespeare plays.

  • This week year 6 have been learning the following words in their learning: quadrant, circuit and emigrate.