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UKS2 News

Read on to find out what we have been up to in Years 5 & 6 this week.

Year 5

The focus in Year 5 this week has, of course, been all things STEM! Our young scientists have been deeply engaged in various activities that have not only stimulated their curiosity but also enhanced their understanding of the interconnectedness of these four subjects.

In maths, we have delved into the life and work of the renowned mathematician, Leonhard Euler. Known for his incredible contributions to the field, Euler's work has had an incredible impact on modern mathematics. We explored some of his most famous achievements, such the Eulerian Path, a concept in graph theory. Through hands-on activities and problem-solving sessions, the students gained insights into how Euler's discoveries are applied in various real-world scenarios. Have a go at home with the Seven Bridges of Königsberg problem. 

In our science sessions, we revisited the engaging topic of states of matter, focusing specifically on the viscosity of different liquids. The students conducted their own planned investigations to observe how various liquids flow at different rates, comparing substances like syrup, water, and oil. This hands-on approach helped them understand the concept of viscosity and its practical applications. They learned why certain liquids are used for specific purposes in everyday life, such as why syrup is slow to pour or how water can be transported.

We were also thrilled to welcome some special guests to Year 5 this week – professional scientists who specialise in chemistry and pyrotechnics. These experts conducted a captivating demonstration on the effects of different metals when used in fireworks. The students watched in awe as the scientists showed how metals like magnesium, copper, and aluminium produce various colors and effects when ignited. Do you know what colour copper burns?





Key Messages

  • Key vocab: Euler, milli-, kilo- units, convert, review, present tense, synopsis, viscosity, liquid, flow, burn, firework, chemical symbol, colour, front line, trench.

  • Spellings: Convert nouns or verbs into adjectives using suffix -ive

  • Key dates:

    • Wednesday 10th July - Festival of sport

    • Thursday 11th July - Trip to Rushall Farm

    • Friday 12th July - Sponsored walk


Year 6

This Monday we were very low on numbers in Y6 so it felt incredibly quiet in comparison to last week. We hope those that visited their new school had a successful transition day and it helped them to feel excited for what’s to come. There was a definite buzz in the air Tuesday morning, when they regrouped and spent time comparing stories. Those children who were at school on Monday, spent time collaboratively working on a maths project and then enjoyed visiting Year 1 in the afternoon.

With less than two weeks to go until the production, we have thrown ourselves back into rehearsals. It is really important that children are off scripts and confident with the song lyrics so any extra practice at home would be amazing. Information about costumes has come out this week so please start talking to your child about what they need. We urge families to use things they have at home so not to buy anything new. From Monday, costumes can be sent in to school to be checked. They need to be in a named bag so that things don’t go missing. If you have any problems sorting a costume, please speak to your child’s class teacher in good time. Information regarding tickets will be coming out soon! 

In geography this week, we have continued to look at the impacts of climate change on the earth and how different countries are affected. We will then further explore what can be done to reduce climate change and how each of us can play our part. 

Next week is another jam packed week! On Monday, we have our PSHE lesson on conception. Wednesday sees us taking part in our final festival of sport at The Vineyard. We hope to see many of you there and we hope the sun shines too! On Friday, we will all be putting our trainers back on again for The Vineyard walk. More information will be shared about this.



Key Messages