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Vineyard Recommended Reads

WOW! What amazing contributions we have had for the reading challenge during half terms. There were children reading up trees, in bushes, under beds, at rugby games, in book shops, with furry, dog friends and in Terrace Gardens. Choosing a winner was such a hard task but these breathtaking photos of Rowan in Topaz and Grayson in Ruby up Mount Snowdon took gold medal in this years reading challenge. 


A massive thank you to all the children who participated, your hard work and ambition is awe inspiring. We are very proud of you! 


Gabi in Moonstone was reading an incredible book in his picture so that will be our recommendation this year.

Rex: Dinosaur in Disguise Paperback by Elys Dolan

Reading Age: year 3 - year 5

Genre: science fiction, humour & illustration


A genuinely hilarious book, which won the Alligator's Mouth award last year.

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