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Governors' Meetings

In line with governance guidelines, governors, associate members, the Headteacher and the Clerk have the right to attend governing body meetings. It is the decision of the governing body to allow any other persons to attend. Associate members and observers may be excluded from any part of the meeting where the item under discussion refers to an individual pupil or member of staff. Any parent or carer who would like to observe a governing body meeting should email the Chair of Governors for consideration.


Full Governing Board


School Development & Pupils




Autumn Term 1 7th September 2022 12th October 2022 28th September 2022
Autumn Term 2 14th December 2022 16th November 2022 9th November 2022
Spring Term 1   8th March 2023 18th January 2023
Spring Term 2 22nd March 2022   9th March 2022
Summer Term 1   24th May 2023 7th June 2023
Summer Term 2 22nd June 2022 12th July 2023  

Meeting Minutes

Part One (non-confidential) minutes from our meetings are made available on the website once they are final (i.e. signed off at the subsequent meeting).  

Use the links on the right-hand side / bottom of this page (depending on your device) to view final meeting minutes.


A table recording the attendance of individual governors at committee and full governing body meetings for the past academic year can be found here.