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How is my child assessed?

Year 4 - Multiplication Tables Check

From the 2019-20 academic year, all Year 4 pupils in England must sit a new statutory test called the Multiplication Tables Check. The MTC is an online test administered in the Summer term where pupils are asked 25 questions on multiplication tables facts up to 12x12 (with a greater focus on the x6, x7, x8 and x9 tables). For every question, the child will have six seconds to read the calculation and input the answer. This is followed by a three second pause before the next question is displayed. 

No additional time can be allocated to pupils with specific needs; however, there are some reasonable adjustments that can be made (such as some visual adjustments). 

There test standard for the test is 100%: the published data will reflect this and their will be no additional breakdown of scores. In terms of purely academic attainment, this high standard provides further evidence for a rigorous approach to learning number facts, including times tables.

Your child can practise here; however, it is vital that this tool is only used with children who already demonstrate a secure grasp of the majority of multiplication facts.